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Integrated Hardware and Software

Hannext is a one-stop shop for all your AMI and MDM needs. Hannext AMS combines high performance hardware with purpose-built software to provide an end-to-end and seamless solution.

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Centralized Management & Control

With Hannext, whether it is configuring the AMI hardware, managing the service, or setting policies for subscriber connections, it is all software-based, centralized, and in the Cloud.

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Advanced Features and Capabilities

Hannext AMS includes comprehensive service management features such as currentl limiting, energy balance, streetlight management, alarms & notifications, SCADA and CIS ntegration, and more.

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Integrated Hardware & Software. Seamless and End-to-End.

Hannext AMI Hardware consists of country certified precision meters and intelligent collectors that integrate seamlessly with each other and the centralized management software. The data collection is programmable, and utilizes the latest communication technology which is reliable and encrypted end-to-end for security. The modularity of the architecture ensures scalability that grows and adjusts to every customer’s needs and requirements.

Centralized Management & Control. It's all in the Cloud.

Hannext cloud-based command and control portal provides secure access to the utility’s infrastructure over the Web. Using this portal, the utility's operations team configure, manage, and monitor the metering infrastructure. The portal enables the operators to centrally configure meters and collectors, view meter data in graphical and tabular formats, manage alarms and notifications, create schedules for interval data collection and transfer, set policies related to subscriber services, manage individual subscriber connections.

Advanced Features & Capabilities. Comprehensive. Scalable. Secure.

Hannext AMS includes advanced features like automated energy balance computation, daily consumption analysis, energy loss computation, streetlight schedule management, configureable interval data collection, reliable and secure data collection, 2-factor authentication for critical operations, map-based visualization.


Hannext is a technology company based in Silicon Valley - California, founded in 2011. Its latest product is an innovative solution for advanced metering infrastructure and meter data management.

Hannext offers end to end solutions in its products with a unique service delivery model aimed at reducing overall cost and improving responsiveness

The Hannext team represents tens of years of experience across multiple disciplines – complex hardware systems, large scale software systems, and reliable & secure network communications

Hannext intends to become the number one provider of smart metering complete solutions in the 3rd world countries with products designed and targeted exactly for the needs and budgets of the customers.

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